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Africa Is Ready For A "New Beginning"  


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Welcome to the African Enterprise Institute's website - Africa's new generation think tank

The world will be changing more in the next twenty to thirty years than it has in the last two hundred years. Developed countries' think tanks have provided a very important role for research, discussion, and consultation process, than ever for every major institutions.

It is more important than ever for African stakeholders and policy makers to support African external and independent think tanks. 

The African Enterprise Institute (AfricanEI) is an African Initiative dedicated towards the advancement of knowledge, sustainable development, and information by engaging the new generation leaders.

AfricanEI is Africa's new and up-and-coming think tank dedicated to public policy and research that is independent, nonpartisan, and not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization.

The new generation leaders, will be at the vanguard for change and will assist by promoting good governance, sustainable development, education, capacity building, the adoption of a green revolution, and technological advancement in Africa.

We are reaching out to African States
leaders, patron countries, organizations, educational institutions, philanthropists, and socially responsible individuals to collaborate and support a new strategy, one that will put emphasis on accountability and results as well as to move the agenda of a hopeful continent to reality in the twenty-first century.

AfricanEI requires your support to advance our exceptional vision, harness the energy and potential of Africa's young leaders that are diligently promoting stable African states and a better world. Your encouragement will help sustain our organization, and advance this up-and-coming African think tank to become an internationally recognized institution that is dedicated to public policy affairs and research for Africa.

Thank you,





The African Enterprise Institute will formally launch and hold its first  summit, Africa - New Global Partnership in the near future.
African State Leaders, Scholars, and Influential Individuals dedicated to African affairs will be present as guests.